Our Staff

We are proud to announce that our staff consists of hard-working, knowledge-able, passionate animal lovers who are dedicated to the care for your animals and have taken the time to prove this by getting certified in Pet First Aid and CPR!

We are prepared to provide you to best care-no matter what!


Our Receptionists are the faces of Bear Brook. They are always ready with a kind word and a cheerful attitude in person or over the phone. They can pretty much help you with anything you may need.  Many of our receptionists are cross-trained for doggy daycare and as kennel techs. We all work together to give your pets the best!

Kennel Technicians

Our Kennel Technicians are the ones that take care of your pets during their stay at Bear Brook! They provide loving care and attention for all of the animals and make sure that your pets are comfortable during their stay. They have all been taught how to read dog body language and how to detect signs of irritation, illness, etc.  Many of our employees are animal science majors or other professions at local Universities and colleges.

Doggy Daycare Attendants

Our doggy daycare attendants are trained on dog behavior and body language and monitor our pups all day long to ensure proper play and making sure they are fulfilling their time in daycare! Their duties include watching over the pack and communicating with clients, as well as keeping the daycare yards and indoor areas sanitary and free of any messes.  


Faith joined us in June of 2021. Faith has always had a big heart when it come to animals, and tends to surrounded herself with as many dogs and cats as possible. If she is not actively working with animals, then she is doggy sitting or cuddling with her pups at home. Her experience working at a doggy daycare/kennel has furthered her love for animals and understanding of each and every one. Her broad knowledge of dog behaviors and tendencies make her very successful here! When she isn’t spending time with animals, she is pursuing a career in dental hygiene at UMA, or substituting at the Glenburn School.


Steve is a long-term employee who oversees the kennels as well as takes care of many of our maintenance needs. He’s our go-to guy for everything!



Riley has been on our team since August of 2022. She graduated High School last year and has a passion for all animals, however cats hold a special place in her heart. She has two of her own named Fat Patty and Boy Cat that she loves very much. She always shows up to work with a smile and ready to care for our animals here.




Giovanna has been with us since August of 2019. She has had a passion for dogs since she was young. Volunteering at the humane society with problematic dogs opened her eyes to the world of training. She graduated from Bangor High School in 2019 and since then has been spending her time working with dogs in a wide variety of settings such as fostering, training, and she spends her free time in Europe visiting her family. She is an accomplished trainer, receptionist, kennel tech, doggy daycare attendant, and the manager of Bear Brook Kennel. 


Catie came to Bear Brook Kennel in May of 2021. She is currently an Animal Veterinary Science major at the local University of Maine. Since her first day here, Catie has been shadowing our head trainers, Sarah and Giovanna. Her goal is to become a very successful trainer in Maine one day. Her experience does not stop there! Previously, she volunteered at a wildlife rehabilitation center in her home state of New York. She is not only passionate about her work with animals but always wants to learn more.


Holly has been with us since 2007 as our Day Care Director. She also has worked as a kennel tech, as a receptionist, and as a training assistant. She has taken a Dog Day Care: Beyond the Leash, seminar to help further her knowledge of dog behavior. She has worked with animals for over 12 years, can read the dogs very well, and all the dogs in Day Care love her! She has always owned dogs and loves interacting with them in the Day Care setting. Her hobbies include dancing at Native American pow wows, making native regalia, doing beadwork and other art-related crafts. 




Lyme Disease and Your Dog

Maine is such a beautiful state with so much to offer. Unfortunately we have one of the highest rates for Lyme Disease in the nation.  We are providing some links to help all of you be proactive about this disease.