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At this time, we are asking all unvaccinated clients to wear masks!

 Office Hours

Monday thru Friday 8 am to 4 pm and Sunday 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm 

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View of Our Front KennelWhether going on vacation for several weeks, or a short business trip for a few days, Bear Brook Kennel offers the best when it comes to comfort and care of your dog, cat, or exotic pet!

We at Bear Brook Kennel strongly believe in treating your pets as if they were our own! So, if the road is calling you -- go ahead and go! Let us at Bear Brook Kennel help you make the time away from your pet worry free. The staff at Bear Brook Kennel is committed to help you ease the anxiety of separation for both you and your pet.

Your pet will receive quality care from our Kennel Technicians, Groomers, and Receptionists. Your pet’s sleeping quarters, meals, and grooming will all be carried out to your specifications. Your pet is our guest!

The choice is up to you. We offer a variety of sleeping quarters for our canine guests. You may choose an indoor/outdoor enclosure, a Vice Presidential Suite for our smaller guests, or our Presidential Suites. These large indoor/outdoor suites offer all the comforts of home for one or more dogs.

Our Feline guests have the luxury of our towered suites standing 6 – 7 feet high! Each spacious suite has plenty of shelves to climb on and glass doors to watch the nature outside in our fields.

We provide a high-quality food for our boarding guests at no extra charge. If your pet is on a special or prescription diet due to allergies or a sensitive stomach, you’ll want to provide his/her food. If you decided to bring your own food, please pre-package it into individual meals. Most people use Ziploc bags labeled with your pet’s first and last name on them.

Please do not bring in blankets, beds, stuffed toys, or anything that can be destroyed by your pet in the kennel. We have blankets and mats here that we provide. These items are easily washed. A few non-destructible toys are acceptable. Even dogs who do not chew at home can begin to chew in a kennel situation due to stimulation.


Dog Boarding

Our Side Kennels

Your dog has a few different options when boarding at Bear Brook Kennel, which are listed below.

We also offer Walks or Play times for the dogs that board with us. Walks are usually 10 minutes with the kennel tech and are $5/piece. Play times are 20-minute play sessions with other dogs or alone with the kennel tech. Play times are always directly supervised by the kennel tech and are $6/each.

Your dog will get a complimentary bath after 3 or more nights of boarding. If they board for only 1 or 2 nights, they get what we call a “touch-up,” which is a belly/legs/hind end wash. If you would like a full bath, please make sure you let the receptionists knows when you check in. The cost is $20 for a bath and $8 for a nail trim.

Option 1

Regular Kennels. We have 2 kennel buildings with 24 inside/outside enclosures measuring 4 1/2 by 5 foot inside, and 4 1/2 by 12 foot outside. A Plexiglas doggie door separates the two. Every pen is washed, scrubbed down, and sanitized daily inside and out. All the enclosures are secure and clean. All kennel floors have radiant heat throughout ensuring your dog is warm and comfortable.

Here’s a look at our inside kennels and runs:

Option 2

Inside Pens. We have inside pens we can board your dog in. These kennels can be used for dogs that have health issues, dogs that need to stay relatively sedentary due to something like surgery, dogs that have allergies to the outdoors (i.e. grass, pollen, dust, etc.), or small dogs that may get very anxious out in the regular kennels. We give frequent walks to these special guest.

Option 3

Presidential Suites. These are our higher end suites that are have tiled walls, sliding glass doors, a spacious outside area, and other special features. To learn more about these, please see the “Presidential Suite” tab under our “Boarding” menu.

Cat Boarding

Bear Brook Kennel offers large, spacious suites for our feline guests. Each suite measures between six to seven feet high with multiple levels for climbing and comfort. A basket and soft blanket compliment these spacious sleeping quarters. Our cattery has plenty of windows that allow ample sunlight in to bask in the warmth in the winter. Cats will enjoy the coolness of air-conditioning in the summer months. Year-round Bear Brook offers top notch boarding under a watchful eye of our experienced staff. The Kitty Condos book up quickly so make your reservation as early as possible!

The cattery at Bear Brook Kennel is surrounded by large windows that let lots of natural light in. There are areas outside for watching the birds in the bird feeders.

While your cat is our guest, you may want to schedule a toenail trim, bath, or the works. We offer full grooming for cats. Please see our Cat Grooming page for more information!

Dog Presidential Suites

A Roomier, Deluxe Option for Your Favorite Pooch!

Dogs in a Presidential SuiteBear Brook Kennel offers the option of boarding your Canine Companion in one of our Presidential Suites. Each suite is complete with a large inside enclosure with tiled walls, internet cameras, sliding glass doors, and a large outside yard with crushed rock. The Presidential Suites are more removed from the other kennels. The Suites are positioned in between the front and back sections of our kennels so they have their own separate area and the only other pets they can see are the other dogs that board in the Suites. A daily walk and playtime are included as well as a bath and nail trim whether they stay one night or many! You may also bring their own bedding! There is plenty of room for the biggest of dog beds!

Owners may want to be able to view them on the Pet Cams while away, or maybe their dog just needs a more secluded area to stay in.

Vice Presidential Suite

The Vice-Presidential Suite is a smaller Suite meant for small breed dogs. The VP still has a large outside area for the dog(s). It does not have a camera for online viewing.  The VP Suite also includes a bath and nails along with a daily walk and playtime!

Whether your dog is in the Presidential or Vice Presidential Suite they will get a complimentary bath and nail trim (temperament permitting) the morning of the day they go home.

The Suites book up very quickly. Book one for your dog today!

Boarding Rates

Dog Boarding (Rate per Pet/per Night)

  • Standard Kennel (4x5 Inside and 4x12 Outside): $26 per night
  • Shared Kennel (Limit 3 Dogs per Kennel): $23 per Dog
  • Presidential Suite (5x8 Inside and 10x10 Outside): $39 1 dog
  • Presidential Suite (2+ Dogs): $33 per Dog per night
  • Vice Presidential (1 Small Dog Only, 2x12 inside and 10x10 outside): $33 1 dog
  • Vice Presidential (2+ Dogs, for Dogs 25 Pounds and under): $29 per Dog
  • Day Boarding (1 Dog): $22
  • Walk: (10 - 15 Minutes): $5 Each
  • Playtime: (20 minutes): $6 Each

Cat Boarding (Rate per Pet/per Night)

1 Cat: $16 per night
2 Cats (Same Condo): $13 per Cat (Limit 2 Cats per Condo)

Miscellaneous Rates

  • Bath: $20 (Dogs Boarding 3 or More Nights Get Free Bath!)
  • Nail Trim: $10 ($8 If Boarding or in Daycare)
  • Nail Grind: $15
  • Medications: $2 per day

Special Needs Boarding

A Special Needs Boarding pet may stay behind the Reception desk for additional care that they may need. He or she is monitored continuously by our staff when boarding behind our reception desk. Our team at Bear Brook Kennel recognizes that some pets require extra time, love, socialization, and familiarity with their health issues so we can appropriately address their physical, emotional, and medical needs while they board with us. For this reason, we offer Special Needs Boarding for an additional $5.00 per day.

Our Special Needs Boarding is a comprehensive program that is specifically tailored to boarding pets with the following conditions or symptoms:

  • Senior Pets
  • Requiring Mobility Assistance (Arthritis, Hind End Weakness, Paralysis)
  • Chronic Illness (Asthma, Kidney Failure, Heart Disease)
  • Incontinence
  • Unique Dietary Requirements
  • Blindness

Pet Cams

View Your Pet from around the World!

Bear Brook Kennels offers viewing cameras via the internet in our Cattery and our Dog Presidential Suites. As long as you have internet access, you can see your pet’s activity when boarding in these areas. These are still photos, not video. The cameras upload a new photo every 5 seconds. In order to see the new photos, click on the refresh button in your browser.  These pet cams are best viewed in Google Chrome.