About Our Daycare

Doggy Daycare is an all-day free for all for the dogs that come. It takes a keen eye to keep the dogs from getting overexcited and to maintain a healthy level of play, which makes our Daycare Attendants excellent for the job, as they are astute and quick to spot any trouble. They have all been taught how to read dog body language and how to detect signs of irritation, illness, etc.


Our Receptionists are the faces of Bear Brook. They are always ready with a kind word and a cheerful attitude in person or over the phone. They can pretty much help you with anything you may need. They also have all been taught how to read dog body language and how to detect signs of irritation, illness, etc. Many of our receptionists are cross trained for doggy daycare and as kennel techs.

Kennel Technicians

Our Kennel Technicians are the ones that take care of your pets while they're here at Bear Brook! They provide loving care and attention for all of the animals and make sure that your pets are comfortable during their stay. They have all been taught how to read dog body language and how to detect signs of irritation, illness, etc. Some employees are animal science majors at local Universities and colleges.


Bailey with black labBailey came to us the summer of 2018. She is a graduate of Bergin University of Canine Studies in California. She is trained for all positions at Bear Brook Kennel with a concentration on training. If you have a behavior issue with your dog, then Bailey is your girl! She offers group classes as well as one-on-one training. She has Caliope, a young yellow lab, and Paxton, a black lab, and of course, both dogs are very well trained!


Julia in pink shirtJulia is student at UMO majoring in animal sciences.  She came to us in the summer of 2018!  We are lucky to have her!


Steve is a long-term employee who oversees the kennels as well as takes care of many of our maintenance needs. He’s our go-to guy for everything!


Erin has returned to Bear Brook Kennel as a kennel tech after 3 or so years of being away!  We are happy to have her back on board as she serves multiple roles now!  Besides being a kennel tech she is a doggy daycare attendant and assists the groomer when a second pair of hands are needed.  Erin is a true team player. She loves sharks and at the top of her bucket list is cage diving with Great Whites!  Erin rescued Peewee, a corgi/chihuahua mix in 2010. She makes sure every pet gets treated just like her own - loved and spoiled!!!


Cathy came to Bear Brook in early 2018 bringing a background in management and customer service. She has Minnie, a miniature schnauzer, and Abracadabra (aka ABRA), a Bengal cat. She is the lead receptionist and works on special projects. Her recent projects include updating our technical needs such as the website and computer software and hardware.


Autumn is a recent graduate of Easter Maine Community College and hopes to someday be a veterinarian.  She is attending the University of Maine this fall.  She has both a cat and a dog and they are loved and spoiled!  Autumn is a kennel tech and is a kind and helpful individual and we are glad to have her with us!


Our grooming is a spa day for your dog or cat. We have you drop them off in the morning and then pick them up in the afternoon. They get a bath, nail trim, ear clean out, pad clean out, and a clip/brush included in the price of grooming. Our groomer can do almost any clip on any dog and works very hard to make sure that your dog or cat looks fabulous! Whether your cat needs a nail trim, or your poodle a new hairdo, Holly is here for all your grooming needs! Please don’t hesitate to call the front desk and schedule an appointment with her. Holly is available 2 days a week during the colder months so please feel free to call and make an appointment.


Our trainers at Bear Brook are an intricate part of our facility. It's truly delightful to see them in action with a dog. Bailey knows her stuff! She loves helping novice dog owners grow into seasoned handlers and assisting seasoned handlers improve even more. She is a graduate of Bergin School of Canine Studies in California. She offers puppy and obedience classes as well as one-on-one training, if you prefer a one-on-one session.